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First Meeting of the Monitoring Committee held on 19 January 2004

* Notes of 1st Meeting (PDF file)
* SARS MC 3/04: Contigency Measures to Deal with Possible Resurgence of SARS
(PDF file)
-- Annex A (PDF file)
-- Annex B (PDF file)
-- Annex C (PDF file)
* SARS MC 4/04: Progress of the Implementation of the Recommendations of the
SARS Expert Committee on Communications, Surveillance, Information and
Data Management
(PDF file)
* SARS MC 5/04: Cooperation with the Pearl River Delta (PDF file)
* SARS MC 6/04: Research and Training (PDF file)
* SARS MC 2/04: Establishment of a Centre for Health Protection in Hong Kong
(PDF file)
-- Annex A (PDF file)
-- Annex B (PDF file)
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The Monitoring Committee on Implementation of the SARS Expert Committee Report's Recommendations held its first meeting this (January 19) morning to check the progress of the implementation of SARS recommendations. Picture shows the Co-chairmen of the Monitoring Committee, Sir Cyril Chantler and Professor Sian Griffiths deliberating the progress of implementation with the Health, Welfare and Food Bureau's task force led by the Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food, Dr Yeoh Eng-kiong.


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