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Second Meeting of the Monitoring Committee held on 27 September/4 October 2004

* Notes of 2nd Meeting (PDF file)
* SARS MC 7/04 : Centre for Health Protection - SARS Expert Committee's Recommendations in Action (PDF file)
* SARS MC 8/04 : Public Health Workforce Training for Combating Communicable Diseases (PDF file)
* SARS MC 9/04 : Policy on Privacy of Information (PDF file)
* SARS MC 10/04 : Re-organisation of the Health, Welfare and Food Bureau (PDF file)
* SARS MC 11/04 : Review and Continuous Improvement of Occupational Health Services in Hospital Authority (PDF file)
-- Annex I (PDF file)
-- Annex II (PDF file)
-- Annex III (PDF file)
-- Annex IV (PDF file)
-- Annex V (PDF file)
* SARS MC 12/04 : Strategic Direction of Research on Infectious Diseases (PDF file)


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